Standing in the Gap since 2007.

Ten Years of Standing in the Gap


Guests at the AAD Studio reception August 25, 2017 (all photos: Ed Serecky)

In the month of August 2017, a ten-year retrospective of the Activist Architecture and Design studio was featured at Lawrence Tech’s Detroit Center for Design and Technology.  The exhibit featured work by students, as well as focused sections outlining the use of the Massive Change Story Formula, engagement tools developed by students, and a ‘legacy’ wall, outlining the lasting impact of the studio.  Guests were invited to help define the next mission of the course by identifying people, places, and issues, they felt were in need of address.


AAD studio alums gather for a group portrait

In conjunction with #CommunityDesignDay, the exhibit was highlighted by a panel discussion on August 25 featuring three former students: The Honorable Shane Hernandez, Michigan House of Representatives; Roan Isaku, SSOE Group; Megan Martin-Campbell, inFORM studio. The panelists reflected upon their studio work, and discussed how it served as a springboard for their continued efforts in public and service design.

Special thanks to our reception sponsor: NORR Detroit.


Studio alumnus Roan Isaku participated in the panel discussion.


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