Standing in the Gap since 2007.

The End of Another Successful Semester

Activist Design: kid tested and approved.

On the evening of Tuesday, May 8, we celebrated the end of another semester of the Activist Design Studio.  This year’s students presented their final projects, and visited with a variety of guests from the LTU faculty, the local community, and alumni of the studio.  Among our guests were Tom Brennan of the Green Garage and  Vanessa Peake of the Detroit Urban Development Corporation,   as well as representatives from Vista Maria, and the Macedonian Orthodox Church St.George of Kratovo.  Studio alumns Ryan Grabow, Laura Long, Shane Hernandez, Roan Isaku, Priya Iyer, and Justin Shafer were on hand, along with former studio faculty Donn Perez and Ralph Nelson.

Kudos go out to the students, who finished strong to carry on the tradition of the studio: Rachel Breckle, Alonda Brunson, Chris Clanton, Susan Karczag, Carolyn Lamb, Kirsten Lyons, Erica Muldoon, Michael Neuhalfen, Thomas Newman, and SlavicaTrajkovska.  Many will be continuing their work in the near future, with their activities taking them as far as Florida and El Salvador to continue and field-test their projects.  Profiles of their work, and updates on progress, will be featured here over the course of the next year.

Well done, all.  Now go out and make a difference.

Front row (l-r): Kirsten Lyons, Erica Muldoon, Chris Clanton
Back row (l-r): Alonda Brunson, Slavica Trajkovska, Carolyn Lamb, Mike Neuhalfen, Susan Karczag, Tom Newmann, Rachel Breckle


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