Standing in the Gap since 2007.

Activist Studio 2012: At the Midpoint

The students in this year’s studio will be taking a well-earned spring break this week.  They have all identified situations to which they will be responding, and the range of intervention types promises to make for a diverse studio experience.  I will be posting updates on their progress in the weeks to come.

The first half of the semester ended with a group brainstorming session at Detroit’s Green Garage.  I would like to extend gratitude to Thomas and Peggy Brennan, owners of the Green Garage, for making their space available to the students.  Also, special recognition goes to student Kirsten Lyons, who made the arrangements for this session, and was hostess for the evening.

So far this semester, the students have been visited by alumni of the studio, as well as other special guests.  Highlights of the remainder of the semester include a visit from Emily Pilloton, founder of Project H Design in North Carolina, and author of Design Revolution: 100 Products that Empower People.  Ms. Pilloton will be lecturing at Lawrence Tech on Thursday, March 22, at 7:00 p.m.


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